Break Free of Negative Beliefs and the Weight That Clings To Them!

Break Free Workshops

Break Free Live Events

Seeing is believing!

How about a little face time to really get you believing?
(Real face time, you know in the same room??)
Really believing that this time…is the time!!

Join us for a one-day workshop or a weekend retreat,
you are going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Break Free Full Day Workshops

Ready to flip that switch? To feel your power? Jumpstart your journey?

Spend one full day, a day filled with discovery – self-discovery – hypnosis, lots of hypnosis, motivation and you will leave with a solid plan to have you looking and feeling the way you know you want! Along with the excitement and drive to make it happen!

You know you WILL and I know you WILL!!!

Break Free Weekend Retreats

Sorry Guys, this is just for the ladies!

So, my future BFF’s want to join me and our other (only up to 11) future BFF’s for a weekend away? A weekend all about YOU!! We will do everything we do in our Full Day Workshops on steroids, plus some serious bonding and what’s a weekend away without some major pampering! You in? Hope so!

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